PEACE is minority and veteran-owned and operated, and the most trusted pet waste removal company in Monroe, Macon‑Bibb County.

Professional Pet Poop Scoopers You Can Rely On

In 2022, the owner foresaw Middle Georgia’s growing need for professional pet waste removal service in the Macon Area. He recognized a growing trend in the pet industry and understood the needs of pets and pet ownership.

The idea for bringing PEACE came from a love of family, children, pets, and spending quality time together in the yard worry-free of poop.

PEACE was created to take the displeasure of cleaning behind your pets’ poop. In fact, our job is to make it disappear completely. Our professional services are ideal for families, businesses, parks, and Pet lovers across the Middle Georgia area.

PEACE lives to serve fellow pet lovers who understand that our three and four-legged family members not only need healthy food and regular grooming, but also a cleaner environment, and yard to play and live in.

When you hire PEACE, you will experience convenience and security knowing that your yard is perfectly safe to enjoy. PEACE gives back your work-life play time balance back to you. Now, you won’t have to spend time cleaning your yard after a hard day of work or on your day or days off.

We are a professional cleaning service. Pet waste management is our mission and being the best pet waste removers is our goal.

Our Purpose

Removing dog poop from the yard has become a part of family life. It is for this reason that Professional Pooper Scoopers is readily available to all people and fast. Our business was founded with the heart in mind to give back to busy families, create a clean environment, and keep pets and families healthy.

Pets reduce stress when life gets hectic and, at times, a bit chaotic. Pet owners do not need another chore when balancing work, quality time with family and friends, and wanting to be responsible pet parents.

As we move into the future, people will increasingly continue to want and need pets, and pets need pet waste pick-up.

The founding owner of Professional Pooper Scoopers knew that pet waste management would make it possible for pet owners to take more family vacations, relax outdoors, host special events, and allow their children to play outside without worrying about what surprises they might find.

Our Passion

Professional Pooper Scoopers specialists, like family, do what we do because it makes us happy to give every pet parent a helping hand. For this reason, you can rest assured that our pet waste management services come with top-of-the-line professionally trained specialists. Our specialists are not only reliable, but pet lovers too.

Our specialists, like close friends, are a valuable part of your week and family. Our services allow pet parents to focus on building stronger relationships and having quality time with their loved ones.

We have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and one-time visits to lend a helping hand.

Our Promise

Why Professional Pooper Scoopers? Our pet waste removal company has a five-star reputation of trust between pets, owners, and specialists. More than ever, households need pets. As a result, pets are essential to the health of generations, young and old.

The Professional Pooper Scoopers brand keeps Middle Georgia’s yards and pet owners healthy without being intrusive.

Whether you are home, working, or playing, we will keep your yard fresh for you and the puppy. You can leave your worries at the doorstep about the hidden dangers of pet poop lurking in your yard.

Professional Pooper Scoopers is timeless, and services will continue, rain or shine!

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Affordable Pricing

Professional Pooper Scooper services start at just $15 per visit with no contracts or commitments. We even offer discounts for pet owners who prefer to pay for multiple scooping services in advance.

If you need to cancel for any reason, then no problem—all of your unused scooping services will be refunded to you.

When Nature Calls, We Answer

Ready to take back your yard? Our customer care team is here to answer your questions Monday to Saturday at 347-564-9835, or you can click here to get a free quote online.